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Natasha is the leader of the agency as well as an Office Administrator.

She is our ideological and charismatic leader :) To mention all her responsibilities will take a long time :D In a few words she oversees all the working process, provides preparatory travel and business support to our foreign guests. Natasha is happy to give you moral support, useful advice and put you into contact with people and organizations to make the most out of your trip and stay. She is our boss and at the same time a skillful and effective psychoanalyst in love matters ;)))




Max runs our Accounts Department
"Diamond of a man", "A man of the world" - this is the way our guests describe him :)) It is a pleasure when your efforts are rewarded: both morally and financially :))) We would be happy to dedicate our life to charity work but Max keeps a vigilant watch on our budget... He is responsible for pay-days which we are quite happy about and other material matters. He is also the best bet in searching for accommodation for you and he is the man to deliver presents too :)) Max is really indispensable in our agency!




Yulia is our Translator and Teacher of English and German
She is someone who can find right words at any time :)) The only way to help yourself is to help others. Yulia always follows this principle and does her best in making people happier: translating their love letters, sharing their joy and hope, as well as teaching them English. Yulia holds a University Degree in English Languages. She is a professional teacher and translator, whose true vocation is to facilitate your communication with ladies. She is happy to translate your correspondence and help overcome the language barrier :))




Aliona is our Remote Manager and Translator

How can we prove that internet dating works? The best way is your own example :)) Aliona is happily married to an Englishman and now lives in the UK with her husband. Of course, she keeps helping us with translations and useful advice. She knows firsthand how the whole internet dating works. She is the person that probably will understand you better in your quest for love and happiness :))




Elena is our Remote Assistant
Living in Europe, Elena keeps in touch with us and as soon as we need her help with translations, we send her a SOS message :D! Many of our customers, both men and women, are thankful to Elena for her eagerly help and the results they have got. She interpreted phone calls and video chats and was responsible for registering new ladies on our site. Currently she is busy advertising our agency in Sweden and Poland :)




Galina is our Interpreter
Don't be surprised at her hair colour when you next see her - Galina's hair color changes as quickly as the wind blows :) Having been to Nevada in the USA, Galina can understand much better how Western mentality works :)) Being a real jolly girl, she can take the strain off by telling some jokes you will definitely appreciate :D Her letters are always full of positive emotions and humour.


Inga is our Excursion Guide and Office Manager
When you come to Chisinau airport she is your first point of contact :)) If you notice a blond girl with a sign with your name in her hands it is definitely our Inga! :D She greets and meets our foreign guests at the airport, accompanies them to the apartment and gives them further necessary information :)) Being an excursion guide she knows the places worth showing you in Moldova, which you will enjoy. Inga spent a summer in Florida in the USA and that added up to her knowledge of lifestyles in the West and East. She has a University Degree in English and French Translation and Interpretation and she can make you feel at ease while you are staying in our country.




 Iiuri is our Driver

If you want to pop into our office or have a round-the-world voyage, Iurii is your best bet :)) Safety and comfort are guaranteed. Having our city at his finger-tips, he will drive you anywhere you want :D Just turning his magic steering wheel, Iurii secures you a pleasant trip in our capital or even a drive to another country :)


Vitalii is our Driver
If you like speed and you are not scared of steep turns and risk on the roads - I'm pleased to introduce you to Vitalii. But... for some reason you always feel calm and at ease with him. He is not only Schumacher but also an entertaining person to talk to, a cheerful guy and just a kind man :-)!


Denis is our Photographer
Best moments of your life need to be captured :D Denis has got a talent in taking photos and recording creative videos. What can be better than wonderful memories and unforgettable events captured on camera? One of the best presents is a CD full of photos of your trip to Ukraine or Moldova that will remind you of your special someone, excursions and other memorable moments :)


 If you are single, if you really want to find a beautiful, loving and devoted Ukraine or Moldavian wife for life - we are all ready to help! With almost ten years of experience we prove that dating agency can really lead to a long-lasting sincere relationship, harmonious family and utmost happiness :) has excellent reputation!

       We wish you good luck and the best experience :)

"Take a chance! All life is a chance.
The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare."
by Dale Carnegie


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