1) Can I use the site without registering as a member?

You can search the database without registration but you will not be able to make contacts with any members. You need to be a registered member to take advantage of the site's facilities. Registering on our site is absolutely FREE.

2) Who is writing letters, do they come through another agency?

All letters on our site go directly from a member to member; we do not touch them.

3) Is registration FREE?

Yes, registering on our site is totally free. You do not need a credit card; simply fill in the form

4) How can I buy credits

Simply go to the Home page of your account and click on the link "buy credits" (you must be logged in).

5) What type of photos are allowed?

We have certain requirements to the photos you submit:

It must be YOUR photo - no pets, cars, houses, celebrities, cartoons etc.

You must be alone in the photo - no other recognizable people.

Your face must be recognizable in the photo - no photos of body parts or face parts.

No obscene or vulgar photos;

No visible contact information.

All other photos are acceptable. You will have the best results if you are dressed smart-casual or formal: a collared shirt and trousers for men, dress or evening gown for women. Your friendly smile will make your photo a winner!

6) My photo was deleted, why?

Your photo may be deleted by administration because of the following reasons:

It was not YOUR photo. It was a picture of a celebrity, a cartoon character, a photo of your pet etc.

There were other recognizable people in the photo, including children or people in the background.

Your photo didn't have a recognizable face, or your face was obscured.

Your photo could be considered as obscene or vulgar.

You had some visible contact information on your photo: email address, website address, phone number etc.

Your photo didn't upload to the site properly and could not be viewed.

Those types of photos are not allowed. Please replace them with the photos that are allowed for publication on our website (see above).

7) I have a problem uploading my photo - please help!

If you cannot upload your photo, or it only uploads partially, it may be that your connection is too slow or your photo is too large in size. In both cases, reducing the size of the file with the photo should help. Your photo should be in JPEG or GIF format. You can change the size and format of the photo through any image editing program. 'Paint' image editing program is installed by default on all Windows computers and is accessible through Start menu of your bottom bar (Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint). You can also email the photo to yourself through Windows Explorer (right click on the photo and choose the option "Send to - email address") and it will usually ask you if you wish to make the files smaller; this way you will receive your photo via email resized to a smaller fil

8) Is your site free to use?

Our site is free to register free to join no creditcard needed

For sending mails to other members you can buy credits, to use our chat and chatvideofunctions, girls videos.

9) Do i need credits on your site for using chat , mail, or videofunctions?

yes you need to buy credits to use functions on our site but for a small price you can find the packages under buy credits and all the prices


 you can see the prices in the credit payment page.


10) Where can i find the subscribe page to buy credits

When you have made a profile on our site than login with your username and password, find the link buy credits on your personal profile and you will be re-directing to the subscribe page

11) My profile was refused, why?

Your profile was most likely refused because of one of the following reasons:

-Your profile is basically empty - there is no information about you and what you are looking for in a partner.

-Your profile may be considered as obscene or vulgar, or it promotes some illegal, harmful or indecent activities.

-Personal contact information is included in visible fields - email addresses, phone numbers, names and addresses of other websites are NOT allowed in your visible profile.

If your profile was refused, please review its contents and make the necessary changes, and we will approve it asap.

12) What are the requirements for posting a profile?

Posting your profile on our site is absolutely FREE but it should meet some basic requirements:

Your profile should include basic information about you and what you are looking for in a partner.

It should not be obscene or vulgar, or promote any illegal, harmful or indecent activities.

Contact information should be included only in the corresponding fields - NOT in your visible profile.

The information in your profile should be truthful.

Some basic info is required: Empty profiles will NOT be approved.
! Please do not include any contact information in your visible profile: NO email addresses, NO phone numbers, NO links to other websites. Such profiles will be refused in publication and if you repeatedly try to sneak your email address into your profile, it can be deleted.


13) I have made a change in my profile but now i cannot use the site

When you have made a change in your profile, we revieuw it first for approval, dont worrie normal we do this fast, and your profile will be always on the site. Profiles without a profile picture will be deleted from the site and on Hold, girls cannot visit your profile then.


14)  can i send my private details to a girl?


No you cannot send your private information to a girl your details wil be scrambled, after 15 messages written to a girl you can send your private details true our site moderators for free.

Do you like to exchange your details before the 15 messages it cost a 20 euro for the service exchange details is always on own risk.

why do we have this rule because most of the scammers dont like to write a lot of messages after 15 messages we consider it as a serious conversation


15)  can i use the shoutbox on your site?


No you cannot use the shoutbox on the home page this is only for site moderators or staff of elenadating to inform members on our site.


16) can i write my private details in the comment of the member profile, video,profile  photo or bloq, newsfeed,forum.or chat.


no you cannot insert private details on our public pages on our site, if you do we will delete your profile with or without membership and credits, we like to keep the site clean and safe and not attractive for scammers.

you can share your details only true moderators from member to member.


17) how can i buy  credits what options do you have?


You can use paypal, ccbill, webmoney,  bank transfer,  western union transfer, moneygram

Note!! Mastercard creditcards dont work in ccbill all other cards are allowed.





19) do you have services for sending flowers or postcards hand written letters translations etc.


yes we can give all kind of services for presents to birthdays or just surprises you can find this info on the site or contact us.


20) i have found a girl but she speaks and write  only russian what now??


Dont worrie if you need help with this you can send her letters outside the site on your  personal email, we have translation service that can tanslate your letters from english to Russian and Russian to English.

this service is only for extra cost, but you dont need the site then.


21) i want to come to Ukraine or moldova can you help me?


you are welcome, we will be glad to help you with translation finding a hotel or appartment or making trips in ukraine, when you have a membership on our site then this service is for free. (not the translation service is for free)


22) What programm do i need to see the videos on your site ?

To see the videos on the site you must have a programm installed that play FLV files like adobe flash player








last update: 08/06/2015